No one fought and died for your freedom

Sorry to tell you this but you have to fight for your own freedom now. The military has been portrayed in this role but no one overseas is spying on you and no one overseas is taking the products of your labor and giving them to other people and no one overseas is putting more people in jail than any other nation on the planet ever. The military may be said to back up the dollar by exerting it’s might and our money overseas but it is not fighting for your liberty or freedom. Only our own government can take

Seth Rich died for your freedom here in the US. Not overseas.

that from us. Recently it was divulged that president Obama was spying not only on the incoming administration but on thousands upon thousands of ordinary Americans. The court that controls this power supposedly is secret, so it was secret but now revealed that this court and its lawyers had accused the NSA of violating the constitution at will  for years on end all the while we were told by the lap dog press that this was being watched over by this court. Once again a half truth. Yes they were watching them but these agencies are so out of control that they act with impunity  and do as they please.

So what the media and the deep state do all of the time but especially on memorial day and veterans day is say over and over as if it is a mantra that people died overseas for your freedom. This is the biggest lie ever told. There are thousands of movies mad and millions of gallons of ink devoted to this disgusting lie. I am not saying that military people don’t make sacrifices. I am saying that they are  being misled. And so are we all.