Anarchy v. Human Nature

Critics of proposals for libertarian anarchy often assert that this type of social order cannot work because it assumes that people are basically good, which is contrary to fact. This objection, however, is exactly backwards. Proponents of libertarian anarchy favor this type of social order precisely because they understand that many people are vicious in the extreme and that the most vicious among them, having a comparative advantage in committing fraud and acting violently, will tend to occupy the most powerful positions in the state wherever a state is tolerated. Thus, the critics notwithstanding, “human nature” is in fact the most potent factor in support of proposals for libertarian anarchy. ~¬† Dr. Robert Higgs

What we have here is a basic misunderstanding of a term

Anarchists, having been misunderstood about what it means to have no master, have adopted the moniker of Voluntarists, to show that the faster we use our free will, the quicker it will be to see tyranny and demagoguery in religion and government become fairy tales to scare the kids with. Libertarians, on the other hand, are perhaps on the quantum voting fence, both voting and not voting, recognizing that the way toward less government is to fight within the system, peacefully and with as little force as it takes to achieve the goal of self-government with no thugs misinterpreting  or a barrister/ Lawyer developing a huge language called legalieze, that was made to be taken out of context to serve ego.

Instead of the union of individuals that the governmental golem tends to step on a lot.  A cryptid Leviathan like creature, called Government, some huge mind-structure with no organic morals nor quantum decision making, and we allow this automaton to rule our lives, even after it pitches our babies with forks, looking to kill the Christ Consciousness on Earth. Even after it takes away our bright emotions and drapes them with 1984 type eternal Orwellian war to make profit at the expense of We The People. Yes, volunteer, this Weird War of Love needs YOU to re-boot consciousness and give the world an all new mindfulness that Tyrants fear and the human family loves. Love and Respect your self and learn to respect those around you, volunteer to be free if you have the will to be your true, authentic Self.


I used to be an Ancap…

When I first became an Ancap, I was just an unemployed high schooler who had never worked a labor job in his entire life. I had that whole “welfare recipients are parasites, just pull yourself up by your bootstraps, forcing people to subsidize your shitty life choices is morally wrong, nobody is entitled to anything they don’t own” mentality, but then my parents made me get a job.

For the most part, I still kept my same views. My job was still pretty much Voluntary, I could quit and it would only disappoint my parents. But come this year, when I graduated high school, it began to sink in that I’m going to have to keep doing this, or God willing some other job, for the majority of my life if I want to have access to basic necessities, like food, water, shelter, etc.

I work at a grocery store, and it’s usually a comfy job. Comfy enough that I was able to sincerely hold on to my Ancap beliefs, until today. Today, a line was crossed that made me see the error of my ways.

They were doing inventory, and they needed us, or more specifically, me alone to push all the items in every shelf in the entire store all the way back, and then dust the shelf off.

At first it didn’t seem all that bad, but then I realized I was the only one doing it, and I would have to spend the rest of my shift on this. After only about five minutes, I felt like I was going crazy.

Push, spray, dust, move down, push, spray dust, move down, push spray, dust, move down, push, spray dust, move slightly to the left, and repeat.

I had to do that at least 30 times to only get one side of one aisle done. Took me at least half an hour to do that, and there were still 20 more aisles left in the store. The repetitive motion, the maddeningly slow progress, and being alone for the entire 8 hour shift (including an hour of overtime) was exhausting in every way imaginable.

By the time I was done, I was infuriated, not just with the fact that I had to do this, but because of how little I got out of it. $9.30 / hour of that insanity? What kind of heartless monster would tell someone in severe poverty doing this kind of work, to just “pull himself up by his bootstraps”? A sociopath, that’s who.

I finally understood what socialists have been talking about all this time.

“If only I were in a socialist country,” I thought, “the shelves would be completely empty and I could have finished this in like, an hour.”