Anarchy explained with no apologies. ~ By Robert Higgs Phd

There’s something quite odd about people who demand that anarchists present them with a detailed blueprint of exactly how a society without a state would operate — who would decide this matter, who would take that action, and so forth. This demand rests on a complete misunderstanding of the nature of a truly free society.

In a genuinely free condition, how people would resolve disputes, arrange cooperation, initiate and terminate agreements, and so forth would be worked out piecemeal by the persons involved; that’s what it means to be free — that no one may impose an unwanted restraint or arrangement on unwilling others aside from the requirement that all persons respect the equal rights of everyone else and not aggress against anyone. Spontaneous order means spontaneous order. Get it: spontaneous, not predetermined, planned, or arranged by anyone, however powerful, knowledgeable, or “expert” others may be. Cooperation means cooperation; it’s the opposite of “having a plan” imposed on everyone before anyone may proceed, the opposite of getting a government permit or license before one may take a step.

The state has been working out ways to control and exploit people for centuries. It’s not reasonable to demand that anarchists explain in detail how every worthwhile function ostensibly carried out by the state would be carried out under anarchy. Some functions (e.g., police aggression against innocent people and the extortion of “taxes”) obviously would not be carried out at all, which would be one of the reasons why genuinely worthwhile functions could be carried out successfully by freely interacting persons.

Governments screw up terribly all the time. No doubt people in a truly free society will also screw up at times. But when they do so, no one will be forced to prop up the unproductive or destructive arrangements indefinitely, as they are under states. Mistakes will therefore be more quickly recognized, admitted, and rectified. Believe it or not, free people really are more creative (and kind) than violent, predatory, unaccountable thugs. ~ Robert Higgs

A world of lies 9 miles deep.

We live in a world of lies nine miles deep.
We live in a world where a normal person can’t get to sleep.
We live in a world where the leaders are not fit to lead. We live in a world where Truth is in short supply but it is our greatest need.

We lie in a world of doublespeak and thought crimes. We see the bombs drop from out tax paid planes and say, Hey what can I do? C’est la Guerre, it’s the times. We live in a world that looks like peace and smells like war. We live in a word were people fought for our freedoms that we don’t have any more.

We live in a world that is designed to make us sedate. We live in a world were lunatics run the asylum and they also run the state. We live in a world that is full of false idols and honesty is the the hardest thing to find
We live in a world that has made us compliant and apologists or impunity and corruption all of the time.

What will we tell the children when they are old enough to decide? What will we tell them that we did with our lives? What excuses will we make for doing nothing while we watched it unfold. The truth was always there but we preferred the lies we were sold. ~ Murray Rothbeard

Calling Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul to the Emergency room Stat!

Trump supporters do you remember when the Main Stream Media said Dr. Paul was tool old and you believed them? Your voting for a 70 year old man now. 14500242_720076714811081_8268603113310659433_o1Remember when the main stream media told you that he was a racist? And you believed them? They are saying that about Trump now. Remember when the establishment GOP cheated him in primaries and you did nothing? Remember when the main stream media said he said crazy things? Just like they say about Trump now?

Admit it you were being controlled by the media and you voted for the GOP candidate that the media said they liked. You voted for him and he lost. Now you can chose between Douche Bag and Shit Sandwich again. I hope you are proud of your selves. What took you till now to wake up to the fact that the elections are all rigged?

People seem to approve of crimes on a massive scale throughout history.

When lynchings were routine in the southern U.S. states, many people approved (you can see photos that show them making a festive occasion of a man’s being hanged, dismembered, or burned alive). When the Communists in the USSR starved peasants and robbed them of their crops, including seed grain, many Russians approved. When Hitler’s functionaries herded Jews into concentration camps and seized their property, many Germans approved. When FDR’s government herded some 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry (most of them U.S. citizens) into concentration camps, causing them to lose most of their property as well as their liberty, most Americans approved.

And so it goes. There is always an immense faction, seemingly in every country, prepared to abuse, loot, and even kill its neighbors. If you think that free societies can form or persist in the face of such willingness to support crimes on a massive scale, I would be pleased to have you explain to me how so. It appears to me that human beings are simply not up to the task of living in free societies and respecting the rights of everyone who lives there except perhaps in small, homogeneous societies. ~ Robert Higgs

Statists call for the Murder of Assange in London

It’s funny how these leftist are all about peace and love until it comes to a whistle blower. Then there is talk about murdering people overseas becasue they might tell truths that damage their candidate. This is reprehensible and I don’t respect it and I don’t consent to a government that kills people in other countries for any reason really. This is actually strictly forbidden by law but now you can see why this law was made. You can’t give that kind of power to petty political operatives.

My thoughts are not as weird as I thought

I think about a lot of weird shit. It’s really not good. Here is an example. Today I was thinking. All of these people on Anti-psychotics and Anti-depressants and what not? When the shit hits the fan they will start to lose it when their meds run out. This is a thing you will have to deal with along with new people losing their minds due to the new added stress of daily survival. I say I think I have weird thoughts and then I see this and I realize I am not weird and this is a real matter that will happen. Here once again Venezuela is giving us a preview of what happens in a society breaks down in our current year. I’m not weird. I am just tapped in to the Zeitgeist and a little Hyper Active.



Now, thousands of mental health patients — many of whom had been living relatively normal lives under medication — are drifting into despair and medspsychosis because the country has run out of the vast majority of psychiatric medicines, leaving families and doctors powerless to help them, medical experts say.

Mental institutions have released thousands of patients because they can no longer treat them, according to physicians. The patients still being cared for now suffer in crumbling wards that can barely even feed them. Doctors and nurses fear violent attacks and say they have little choice but to tie their patients to chairs, lock them up or strip them of their clothes to prevent suicides.

In the city of Barquisimeto, the scenes at El Pampero Psychiatric Hospital are those of nightmares. (Go inside the dysfunctional state-run institution here.)

Food shortages had left one older schizophrenic man emaciated, like a walking skeleton in a concentration camp. An epileptic man bereft of medication fell into repeated seizures, while another untreated patient lay strapped to a bed, bound at the ankles. An older woman with no drugs to control her schizophrenia crawled across the floor, past a hungry patient eating fruit that had fallen into a pool of open sewage.


But most patients around the country are in the hands of families like the Simeones, doctors say. Family members must choose between going to work and watching over their loved ones. It is a life of searching for increasingly rare drugs, desperately hoping their relatives do not harm themselves, or others, the moment someone looks away.

“When I heard that he could hurt his brother, that broke me,” said Evelin de Simeone, Accel’s mother, recounting the day in June her son grabbed the electric grinder.

Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, once produced most of its own pharmaceutical drugs. In the early 2000s, the president at the time, Hugo Chávez, began a broad nationalization of Venezuelan drugmakers in an effort to produce cheaper medicines. Foreign companies like Pfizer and Eli Lilly filled in the gaps by shipping drugs.