She’s just a little Run away. Video of Maxine Waters greeted at Town hall

I guess she doesn’t like being confronted by activists outside her town hall but at least she was smarter than the republicans were and peeped out that a lot of people were applying for tickets that didn’t live in her district. This is a sure sign that money is being employed against you.

In this crowd I see several people that are using crowd funding to pay for their way to all of these events. Fire is meeting fire. As Trump seems to be saying all of the time. “Enjoy” the winning. I am pretty sure that a lot of the people showing up at GOP town halls are not from their district either. The question is who pays?


Trump wins again, the true meaning of ‘Covfefe’

The real meaning may also be the media and all of the jack ass professors are so non objective that they are easily made fools of by someone they say is an idiot. Didn’t they realize he has been around the world already and was just hanging out with Arabs? Do you think they may have made it a point to teach him this word. The MSM is absurd. So Trump was even though the biased coverage continues “I will stand up”.

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