The time for pretending is over. The people in charge want you to pretend all kinds of things for them.

Part of the reason reality is so fucked up is people like to pretend too much. Even when they are adults this pretending goes on. They pretend for their job and they pretend of their spouse or their church or some other thing in their life.

Some people I know got mad because someone posted a video of a cat dying from being bitten by a captive snake. Millions of people have snakes just in the US. These snakes don’t eat every day but when they do they eat live animals.

Often people say they only like cats or dogs or other animals because in real life they detest people and they may have perfectly valid reasons for detesting people but that seems antisocial so they have to conform so they just really get into pets. Which brings me back to the snakes really. I have had a few reptiles before but for the same reason I don’t have a cat or dog I don’t have lizards any more. They are costly and in the case of the Reptiles they must have live food or they will die.

These people that are really in to snakes go all out just like cat fanciers and they get carried away too. Example? A guy I work with is a breeder of snakes and lizards and he has also breeding Gila Monsters. What do you think a Gila Monster eats? Kibble? Bacon Sandwiches? No they eat live mice or rats. When they are small they are fed Pinkys as they are called or baby mice?

Somehow in the minds of these mistreated people that hate other humans and love only animals there is a hierarchy and one kind of animal death is Murder and others are OK. These people or divorced from all reality and without any merit on this idea. That’s not how our reality actually works. For one animal to live another must die.

Pet snakes and lizards are killed by Kitty cats if they get out of their cages and they are small enough for the cat to eat. If you let your cat out of the house for any amount of time there is no telling how many small animals it kills just for sport much less because they are hungry. Some how the huge ecological damage done by house cats goes unaccounted for but actually there is solid scientific evidence that this is a mass effect is created by all of these cat ladies world wide.

While I don’t blame the cats I do blame their owners and I am very sick of their weird shit that gets passed off as normal behavior. Its OK not to like Circuses or Rodeos and all of that and it’s OK to have cats but don’t pretend that cats do no harm and a tiger or a snake eating a house cat is some how cruel but a snake eating a rat that was raised for it to eat is socially acceptable. That’s just your weird bias. In real life animals eat to live and the only reason your Tabby doesn’t do it is you don’t let it outside. Or you have dulled its senses so much that it is nothing more than a Tribble now.

I’m tired of pretending that all of this pretending is OK. The time for pretending this is OK and that is OK is over. I am done with that. It isn’t advancing society and people pretend way too much like the 20 Trillion in debt is OK or 400 Billion a month is OK for the Federal government to spend. Or that Obama and Bush and Clinton and John McCain and Lindsey Graham are not war criminals. To me reality starts in your house. If these people would go live on a ranch or farm for a few months maybe they could rehab. They would understand how the real world is. But that is not the only kind of pretending there is. There is much more but once you get into having all of these pets because you don’t really like people you’re pretty far gone.

I love you all but knock this shit off and stop pretending about anything for anyone. We are in serious trouble right now and you need to wake up.


The scope of the Hillary Clinton email breach is unknown because that’s now classified as a state secret.

For those of you who don’t fully grasp the severity of Hillary Clinton’s email breach. Share this because the media won’t.
One reason this Mormon guy quit congress is this. The explanation here is very clear. He can’t even tell him the agency that won’t let him see the emails that Hillary had on an unprotected server because the name of that blocking agency is classified. How much more can we take Ed Rankin? I posted this a year ago. Its is known by millions by now. All of these accusations against Trump are all the more dastardly when put in the context of what the media is covering up against Hillary. Congress isn’t even able to stop her. This means people like McCain are in on it.

Things you must understand to be a NeoLiberal or NeoConservative war hawk

  • NATO expanding to Russia’s borders should not be seen as a threat by Russia, but as an olive branch of peace
  • The EU should not be viewed as an unaccountable bureaucracy, but an organization dedicated to advancing liberty in Europe
  • Western involvement in color revolutions (if it even occurs) – even on the doorsteps of Russia – should not be seen as destabilizing, but as advancement of liberal democracy
  • Creating turmoil throughout the Muslim world should not be viewed as a threat to Russia – which not only directly borders this Muslim world but is also home to something in the order of 10 million Muslims, but instead seen as a move toward expanding freedom.

via The Mass Death Business – LewRockwell