Johnny Depp was right actors do assassinate presidents

That’s a solid historical fact. Why do they do it? Well they think they are important historical people so they are driven to do this for the possibility of immortality. No one would know JWB if he didn’t bust a cap in Lincoln’s melon. So lets not miss that point. They like to think of them selves in bigger than life terms and they see it as an adventure. Booth actually thought he could escape south even with a broken leg. That takes a powerful amount of pretending. And lets not forget. That’s what this man Johnny’s occupation actually is. Pretending to be a pirate or a teen aged cop or an American Indian or any matter of completely made up characters.

So yeah pay attention when these Hollywood heroes say they wish the president dead or they wish someone would kill him or they make a Isis video or play so they can pretend he is murdered in some violent manner.

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