Colin Powell is a brazen deep state liar.

Think a little about his qualifications. He has the top kind of education and experience for a person to look at intelligence and analyze it yet he still to this day tries to make like he was “Fooled” into this testimony. Think about it. He was chairmen of the joint chiefs and Secretary of State and if he could be fooled what hope do we have of understanding any of this? He is a brazen liar who wants to be the smartest man in the room but a dumb rube that can’t tell when he is given bad intel over and over.

Nothing but excuses.

There were no WMDs or this guy would be telling you all about it. He says nothing and when asked he says he was fooled. He is a graduate of the Army War college but can’t tell when he sees fake intel? Why was he qualified to be Secretary of State?

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