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Fake News From NPR about A.I.

How the MSM manufactures public opinion Elon Musk Warns Governors: Artificial Intelligence Poses 'Existential Risk' 1 :of, relating to, or affirming existence existential propositions 2 a : grounded in existence or the experience of existence : empiricalb : having being in time and space 3 [translation of Danish eksistentiel & German existential] :existentialist It threatens life its self is what he is saying. : The Two-Way : NPR Fair use on this material is claimed because I am criticizing the fuck out of it.

Elon Musk warns again about unchecked A.I. (Artificial Inteligence)

The other day I was listening to NPR and they were making Musk look like a fool just because he said A.I. was the most dangerous thing on the planet right now. Why is it that all of the sudden he is a dumbass?

What is it about "Shall Not Be Abridged" that you don't get?

War Dogs Day of Reckoning

Lao Tzu - How could man rejoice and delight in the slaughter of men? Non-Partisan Anti-War Non-Interventionism Anti-Drone Read: War is a Racket By Gen. Smedley Butler Follow Smedley Butler @antiwar1984 Follow Liberty and Freedom @voluntaryismUSA Music : Ethan Meixsell; (Thank You so much) Track : Dead_Reckoning (Courtesy of this artist)


The Deep state has proliferated tools as dangerous as any nuclear weapons. There is no doubt at this point that they are in the hands of N. Korean hacker teams.

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