Murray Rothbeard You Tube Channel

This fucking Blimp !

DHS Blimp overhead. Sorry no audio. The first thing I zoom to is the teather and the second thing which is the actual Aerostat Blimp. How would you like to have this overhead 24/7? Do you have a warrent bro? Tenth amendment anyone?

60 Sec. of last weekend's Motorcyle to the Mountains

Just the highlites Fam!

At the top of Texas

Visit Big Bend and see the heavens.

Going through a border check point

Do you have a federal police check point near your home that you must go through to access land you own in the United States? Well if you don't then how is it you know anything about what is going on here? There is complete lawlessness on the part of the federal government.

Lies you were told by the deep state.

How does the government use the main stream media to fool you in to thinking what ever they want you to think.

USG intervention in elections overseas and flaseflags

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