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Lies you were told by the deep state.

How does the government use the main stream media to fool you in to thinking what ever they want you to think.

USG intervention in elections overseas and flaseflags

Trump Wiretap points out loss of liberty in US

A loss of liberty and a disrespect for the US constitution underlying the Trump wiretap story. There were FISA warrants issued for Trump tower and that's a fact.

Media Takes No Responsibility for HRC loss

They are no longer in charge of the narrative. The media is part of the triple paradigm shift. The Political, the Social and the Cyber. The media failed to reckon with the public that is fed up with their lies and bias. People are free to get information from any source and do their own research. We are in an info war and the main stream media is discredited and can't understand what is going on yet their still trying to make predictions and control the narrative.

NBC says we currently have control of the Russian Power Grid

Joe Biden will kill us all if we ever get in a real war with Russia.

A world of lies 9 miles deep

A poem by Murray Rothbeard

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