How does the CIA use the US media to promote it’s world wide propaganda?

One thing they did was create and popularize the term Conspiracy Theorist. Then they usually enlist an A list celebrity or Talking head to make their Meme stick in the public mind. Like so.

My dad told me about this interview years ago and said that Johnny Carson looked like he was paid to take down Garrison on TV. Back in that day people didn’t talk about the deep state and there was a memo from the CIA that outlines everything Johnny is saying word for word. In this memo written in 1967 the phrase “Conspiracy Theorist” was propagated as a weapon used to discredit anyone that questioned the official Warren report. 46% of the people in the US at the time did not believe this report.

Allen Dulles the man that JFK fired as the head of the CIA headed the Warren Commission.

Here is the second part of Johnny’s Operation Mocking Bird Hatchet Job on Jim Garrison.

JFK assassination conspiracy theorist and investigator, Jim Garrison, New Orleans District Attorney, interviewed by Johnny Carson regarding the November 22, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Part 2 of 2, Original airdate: January 31, 1968.

According to Wikipedia: “Garrison remains a controversial figure. Opinions differ as to whether he uncovered a conspiracy behind the John F. Kennedy assassination, but was blocked from successful prosecution by a federal government cover-up, whether he bungled his chance to uncover a conspiracy, or whether the entire case was an unproductive waste of resources.”

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