Anonymous facebook rant about modern times is right on target.

I came to vent for a moment about how annoyed I am by these television activists. They don’t bother to check or cross reference any facts, they don’t even research the actual issues they are so passionately supporting and or condemning. They are swallowing and spewing the same triple regurgitated, human centipede-style shit that cable feeds them. And they would like to spray it in your face too, and should you choose not to eat from their putrid bowl, then you are immediately a bigot, racist, etc. I am not a “Trump supporter” (said in my most sarcastic tone). I simply believe that nobody running for or elected president is gonna do a goddamn thing in favor of the American people. Do these fools really believe that their “party” is sitting up there in DC actually trying to make a positive difference? The hypocrisy of the people protesting the stupid ban (when it’s been done many times before, even by their hallowed Obomber) makes me roll my eyes so far back I’ve got a fucking migraine. If these righteous plebs would put a quarter ounce of their energy into an issue that matters (like the Federal Reserve/ fractional reserve banking maybe) they could really change the world and the way people think. Okay. End rant.

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