The use of evolutionary human functions as a portal to the mind in propaganda and advertising.

Facial recognition is one of the most powerful functions of the human brain. It is developed from the time you are born up till you die. Its one of the few things that actually improves as you get older. Even into old age and it is very important for humans to be able to discern faces. 
The advertising industry has used our pre-disposition and powerful facial recognition system to program our minds. And they try to make us worship celebrities
 They use these easily recognize faces that are built into our human database to get advertising messages across to us this is why we have a cult of celebrity personality and United States today. 
Thereforw I don’t care how many celebrities show up at your rallies and the amount of buses used just points to a lager funded organization that helps with logistics and not people driving their own cars as individual decisions to go to or not go to a rally or protest. I can see these fake rallies in the wiki leaks and in project Veritas. 

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