Stuff Obama said when he had started his first term.


Do you not remember Obama saying that elections have consequences? That he was going to do what he wanted because he won control via an election? Do you remember him changing the rules so that he didn’t need a super majority or any majority at all to pass Obama care? Do you remember them invoking the nuclear option in the Senate so that there could be no filibusters? Are you ten years old now and you can’t remember that ? Did you think there would be no consequences to that kind of behavior in the executive branch? What you better hope is that Trump doesn’t do what Obama has done in terms of Power Grabs for the executive branch. You better hope he gets rid of some of this surveillance state constructed over the last 50 years. Maybe he might do that since they tried to black mail him with some stupid sex story. That seems to be a patterned with the the CIA if they don’t like you. Call you a Russian Spy, Send you a black mail letter and then if you don’t do what they say they send one of their many zombie goons to kill you. You leftist people are completely under the control of the global cabal you say you hate.


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