Is crime is a ‘public good’ or even socially necessary? Statists think so.


Tim Gillin, like me, would like to see a stateless society but does not expect to see one. He writes:

“The analogy I use is crime. We all would like to see a society free of crime — murder, theft, assault, rape, etc. — but few of us ever believe a crime-free society is likely or practical. Do we think a crime-free society is humanly possible? Presumably most of us would also answer ‘humanly possible yes, probable no.’ That’s how I think of a stateless society.” The analogy is precise, inasmuch as the state itself is a form of organized crime. If only more people recognized it for what it is. Tim adds, however, that unlike people in their rationalizations of the state, “very few people respond to the extreme improbability of a crimeless society by rationalizing in favor of crime or arguing that crime is a ‘public good’ or even ‘socially necessary.”

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