If there is a politics of freedom, it is the politics of negation 

Although I believe the state is an inherently immoral institutional complex that ought not to exist, I totally oppose violent revolution against it. I favor instead the strategy for its destruction that Rj Jones articulately summaries as follows:
“if there is a politics of freedom, it is the politics of negation — political engagement only to the extent required to accelerate the delegitimization, defunding, and disempowering of confiscatory and coercive government. This is expressed as not only conscientious no-votism, or principled non-participation in electoral politics, but also as consistent no-saying in which principled participants in electoral politics reject every proposal, proposition and program that would do anything other than actually reduce the role and responsibilities of the various levels of government. It is seizing every opportunity to unplug the state as well as unplug from the state. It is not the conservative attempt to merely control government costs or contain government power; it is the death of statism through endless denials.” ~ Robert Higgs

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