There is zero actual information in this CNN fakenews article anonymous leaks from the CIA report.

Idiot and liar
This man is an idiot and a liar. Over the last 8 years he has become a fellow war criminal with Barrack Obama. They dropped over 26 thousand bombs just this year overseas.

When Joe Biden says “What a lot of people think”. What the hell is that supposed to mean? This is the way these people sell fake news. Planned leaks to news papers that are amplified by politicians being asked to comment on these articles on TV. That right there makes it an actual news item that then gets a congressional hearing after some supposed crime that outrages the public. Next thing you know there is some vast new bureau that eats billions in tax dollars that are printed out of thin air to pay to protect us from something that never happened. If you read this article in full you will find not one verifiable fact in it and it referrers to unspecified reports from anonymous sources. They do not state who the go between were or how they came to believe these people have anything to do with Russia. They are just repeating and amplifying #fakenews

Vice President Joe Biden said in an interview with PBS NewsHour that an unclassified version of an intel report provided to him will be released “very shortly” and will “lay out in bold print what” the US knows about the hacking.”I think it will probably confirm what a lot of the American people think,” he said, adding that it would “state clearly” the Russians involvement in the hacking.

Source: Trump to get briefing, Intel report says US identifies go-betweens who gave emails to WikiLeaks –

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