Orwell could never account for the market because he was a Fabian Socialist. 

What Orwell could not imagine is that Big Brother technology would become so cheap that everyday citizens would have small handheld cameras. Many things have been changed about this but the number one sociological and political and legal implication is the fundamental change to police work. The police have not yet learned that there jobs will never be the same. They still think they can implement lose policies and still do business as usual. What they don’t understand is cameras are all around them already 24/7 and these cameras are sometimes so small that they can’t be seen and they can’t confiscate them all. So the eye is already likely on them even when they think they have covered all of the bases. Video evidence is really something that has revolutionized the entire court system many years ago but now the public can use it to uncover abuses of power with the people that have badges and guns and magic uniforms that give them special powers.

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