US Govt. tolerated a Russian “spy base” 60 miles from DC for 44 years, but Podesta’s gmail hack was the final straw?

Responding to what it described as a hacking campaign by the Russian government to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, the Obama administration kicked dozens of Russian officials out of the country Thursday and closed two properties — including one on Maryland’s Eastern Shore — that the White House said have been used to gather intelligence.In the strongest retaliation against Russia the United States has leveled in decades, the administration sanctioned two Russian intelligence services and gave 35 government officials 72 hours to leave the country.The administration also denied access to a diplomatic retreat in Queen Anne’s County that U.S. officials said has been used for “intelligence collection activities.”The 45-acre site on the Corsica River near Centreville was purchased by the Soviet Union in 1972, a State Department official said. Its ownership has been widely known for decades, and Russian officials have described it as a recreational site for diplomats and their families. Satellite images show a mansion, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

Source: Obama administration shutters Russian retreat on Eastern Shore in Maryland – Baltimore Sun


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