The Karma of Fake News

It’s going to be funny when papers like the Guardian and the NYT will have to make their own products to sell like Alex Jones to keep the doors open. I don’t think they get it. Alex Jones isn’t doing that because he is desperate to make any kind of money. You forced his hand by discrediting him with all corporations to the point that no one would buy time on his channels. So he had to find a way. Thing is the way he found revolved around making quality products and shipping them quickly with extra stuff inside like stickers and a little copy of the US constitution. Now these #FakeNews outlets can’t get advertisers because they have the opposite situation to Alex Jones and Info wars in terms of eyeballs on content. He is going way up and they are falling so fast that they can’t catch their ass on the way down. If they would quickly adopt the same model they would have plenty of revenue but they don’t have the pressure that Alex Jones had on him when he came up with this business model so they can’t think out side of the box.

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