One Fake News Crisis after the other for my entire life.

I just realized that I have lived through the following #fakenews crisis in my short life.
Overpopulation (population bomb)
Hole in the Ozone
Approach of the mini Ice age from the 70ties.
Acid Rain
The Entire Cold War (Duck and Cover)
Running out of Land Fills
Oil Crisis ( No Gas to put in your car)
Peak Oil ( Decreasing supply until it was all gone)
Year two thousand Millennial computer bug.
The end of the world several times but in 2012 the most for the Mayan calendar. I include this one because it was in all forms of media for at least two years. The History channel in particular did this up monthly and had marathons describing in vivid detail how we were all going to die.
Global Warming Now
These things all came and went and they were going to kill us all.
Why is it that Global warming is still going strong after so many years?

It is extremely well financed much more so than any of these other #fakenews crisis’s. They have been caught so many times lying. From Climate gate to the fact that they predicted we would already be underwater and getting hit by major hurricanes every year. This is all fake news.

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