Is Trump Woke?

Today is a fateful day in the history of the United States since the so called Civil War or War of Northern Aggression if you like. Today the college of electors meets in each individual state. So they have been asked to carry out the will of the people. We will see what they do. There are still many elements that are very strong in this world that will resist the president elect and they are well funded. We will see if liberty will rise or fall. If government will lose power over the individual or if liberty will exist at all. We have been through a long dark time in American history when we had to reckon a powerful secret infrastructure of mass surveillance bought and paid for with money printed from thin air that exists on a balance sheets with a bill destined for the mail boxes of our children in a far off time when we well may be dead.

Tyranny? Yes we live in a type of Tyranny. Our congress daily passes bills they can’t be bothered to read and votes on budgets that have black side balance sheets that no one can see because they are secret.

So we have a new president and he seems to be (WOKE) so let’s see what happens. I am going to keep pushing away from the grasp of the leviathan and look for more liberty where ever I can find it. No one can predict what will happen in the future but we can predict that change is coming. A change is near and I hear the rumble in my ears right now.

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