The Daily Show and Colbert Report are actually fake news

The public is now being bombarded with a lot of fake news. Some of the  fake news is about fake news about fake news; and so forth. More than a century ago, H. L. Mencken wrote terribly funny accounts of how journalists, himself included, routinely peddled fake news, filling the publications of the day with it.  And of course government officials have been chronically dispensing lies for as long as there have been government officials and they are the source for many of the fake stories we see.  Some times appearing as “anonymous sources” or “on background”. The thing is the main stream media still thinks they are setting the narrative and they don’t admit they are peddling #fakenews today. They still give each other prizes at self aggrandizing galas. They already had to retract the article in the WaPo about Russians being behind all of the fake news. You left that part out. It’s the Russians behind this. LOL

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