Let’s take this to it’s logical conclusion

If Russian hackers actually were allowed to change the results of the election in full view of the federal authorities then what good is the CIA and NSA and the entire Homeland Security apparatus? Seems like they failed miserably and no one is holding them accountable. How many billions do we spend on that? And the Russians were still able to get through? With all of them watching and on notice? They got paid over time most likely during this election? I am pretty sure the DOD cyber command was also enlisted in this effort so why isn’t anyone asking them why they failed in their mission to secure the election from the Russians. Let’s take this to its logical conclusion. We are at war with Russia it would seem if these reports are true citing anonymous CIA sources.

Excuse me but this smells of fake news. Why is this information even classified? How can you say on one hand the goal of the Russians was to discredit the elections when in fact it is this very report and others like it that discredits the election and says the winner didn’t win. It was a rigged system. Where did I hear that claim before?

Seems to me the commies I have to worry about are not in Russia. They are in the US government and media. They are the ones that want to disrupt democracy and make everyone their slave.

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