Anarchy explained with no apologies. ~ By Robert Higgs Phd

There’s something quite odd about people who demand that anarchists present them with a detailed blueprint of exactly how a society without a state would operate — who would decide this matter, who would take that action, and so forth. This demand rests on a complete misunderstanding of the nature of a truly free society.

In a genuinely free condition, how people would resolve disputes, arrange cooperation, initiate and terminate agreements, and so forth would be worked out piecemeal by the persons involved; that’s what it means to be free — that no one may impose an unwanted restraint or arrangement on unwilling others aside from the requirement that all persons respect the equal rights of everyone else and not aggress against anyone. Spontaneous order means spontaneous order. Get it: spontaneous, not predetermined, planned, or arranged by anyone, however powerful, knowledgeable, or “expert” others may be. Cooperation means cooperation; it’s the opposite of “having a plan” imposed on everyone before anyone may proceed, the opposite of getting a government permit or license before one may take a step.

The state has been working out ways to control and exploit people for centuries. It’s not reasonable to demand that anarchists explain in detail how every worthwhile function ostensibly carried out by the state would be carried out under anarchy. Some functions (e.g., police aggression against innocent people and the extortion of “taxes”) obviously would not be carried out at all, which would be one of the reasons why genuinely worthwhile functions could be carried out successfully by freely interacting persons.

Governments screw up terribly all the time. No doubt people in a truly free society will also screw up at times. But when they do so, no one will be forced to prop up the unproductive or destructive arrangements indefinitely, as they are under states. Mistakes will therefore be more quickly recognized, admitted, and rectified. Believe it or not, free people really are more creative (and kind) than violent, predatory, unaccountable thugs. ~ Robert Higgs

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