Calling Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul to the Emergency room Stat!

Trump supporters do you remember when the Main Stream Media said Dr. Paul was tool old and you believed them? Your voting for a 70 year old man now. 14500242_720076714811081_8268603113310659433_o1Remember when the main stream media told you that he was a racist? And you believed them? They are saying that about Trump now. Remember when the establishment GOP cheated him in primaries and you did nothing? Remember when the main stream media said he said crazy things? Just like they say about Trump now?

Admit it you were being controlled by the media and you voted for the GOP candidate that the media said they liked. You voted for him and he lost. Now you can chose between Douche Bag and Shit Sandwich again. I hope you are proud of your selves. What took you till now to wake up to the fact that the elections are all rigged?

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