People seem to approve of crimes on a massive scale throughout history.

When lynchings were routine in the southern U.S. states, many people approved (you can see photos that show them making a festive occasion of a man’s being hanged, dismembered, or burned alive). When the Communists in the USSR starved peasants and robbed them of their crops, including seed grain, many Russians approved. When Hitler’s functionaries herded Jews into concentration camps and seized their property, many Germans approved. When FDR’s government herded some 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry (most of them U.S. citizens) into concentration camps, causing them to lose most of their property as well as their liberty, most Americans approved.

And so it goes. There is always an immense faction, seemingly in every country, prepared to abuse, loot, and even kill its neighbors. If you think that free societies can form or persist in the face of such willingness to support crimes on a massive scale, I would be pleased to have you explain to me how so. It appears to me that human beings are simply not up to the task of living in free societies and respecting the rights of everyone who lives there except perhaps in small, homogeneous societies. ~ Robert Higgs

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